A paradigm shift for dental and implant maintenance

Labrida BioClean®

Chitosan fibers

Chitosan has optimal properties for implant and dental supportive care.

The chitosan fibers are:

  • Gentle on the implant/tooth surface
  • Biocompatible

Increased patient comfort and compliance

Labrida BioClean® can be used by all dental professionals and due to the reported low pain will increase patient compliance. The need for anesthesia is limited.

Use Labrida BioClean® for increased infection control!

Scientifically documented and used in numerous treatments, Labrida BioClean® is designed for both surgical and non-surgical debridement. A safe, gentle and non-aerosol generating instrument

Gentle and painless treatment

Labrida BioClean® offers a gentle and efficient way of maintaining dental implants and teeth. Efficient cleaning of dental implants and teeth prevents disease progression!

Labrida BioClean® in action!

Labrida BioClean® Demonstration Video

Labrida BioClean in action

The Clinical Challenge


  • 70 million implant patients – Globally there are around 100 million dental implants in 70 million patients
  • 20 – 40% experience peri-implantitis – 20-40% of these implants patients will experience peri-implantitis 5-10 years after the implants have been installed
  • Complex – Established peri-implantitis is very complex and involving to treat
  • Costly and difficult – Loss of implants is a dramatic situation for both the patient and the dentist. It is very costly and often difficult, sometimes hopeless, to replace lost implants


  • 40% of the grown up population – World wide, about 40% of the grown up population suffers from periodontitis
  • The 6th most common disease in the world (WHO) – Periodontitis represents a public health concern
  • Tooth loss – May lead to tooth loss and oral debilitation
  • Prevention through maintenance – Regular maintenance is key to hinder progression of periodontal disease

The Labrida BioClean® solution

For patients

  • Regular maintenance treatment 2-4 times/year
  • Reduced inflammation – documented in clinical studies
  • Extended lifespan of the implant and the affected tooth
  • Gentle treatment of implants, teeth and surrounding tissue
  • Less pain and complication

For Clinicians

  • Good clinical efficacy documented in clinical studies
  • Safe and easy to use
  • A gentle treatment that provides increased patient co-operation and more patients continuing in the recall system

Labrida BioClean® is developed by a well renowned periodontist

About the importance of maintenance and the story behind the brush

Dr. Caspar Wohlfahrt is a periodontist and completed his specialist training at the University of Minnesota in 2004. He soon realized the importance of maintaining dental implants to avoid the development of peri-implantitis (i.e. inflammation with possible bone loss around the implants).

Back in Oslo, Dr. Wohlfahrt established his private specialist clinic, and continued his research on treatment of peri-implantitis at the University of Oslo. With a focus on maintenance treatment, Wohlfahrt’s dental hygienists soon requested a suitable instrument for this purpose. They found that conventional instruments for treatment of teeth were unsuitable for cleaning implants.

This led to the development of a brush for use by dentists and dental hygienists, adapted for cleaning implants, Labrida BioClean®. Since then, the brush has proven to be efficient in the maintenance of teeth with periodontal disease, as well.